Good morning everyone! Hope everybody had a great Wednesday:)  I am telling you busy season is wearing me out but just a couple of days and the weekend will be here!  Oh and today is my mama’s birthday!!!  Wishing the most Happiest of Birthdays to her!  She is currently cruising the Caribbean so we will celebrate with her Sunday when she gets back!

The day started kind of rough. Hillary has been sporting a nasty little cough since Sunday.  I have rubbed her down with all the YL oils (RC and Peppermint blend) and having the cool mist humidifier on at night.  She woke up at 11:30 and sounded restless all night.  Hoping we can kick it and it’s not another ear infection.  Fingers crossed!

Oh and to add to those nighttime issues, Meredith was having what I am guessing was growing pains in her legs so I was up with her over an hour in the middle of the night rubbing Pan Away on her legs until finally I broke down and gave her Tylenol which seemed to help. She was in a great mood this morning thankfully!

MORNING – After the rough night, my day started bright and early anyway (doesn’t it always) at 6:00. I got up and headed to Hillary’s room where I could hear her rustling around which usually means she is getting hungry.  After she drank 8 oz of bottle (even though she is 1 year old I still give her formula due to food allergies), I put her back down and headed to my room to get dressed for work.  I was getting myself dressed when I heard the footsteps of Meredith.  She got in my bed while I finished getting dressed and watched a YouTube video on my phone.  After I was done, I helped her get dressed for school and together we headed to the kitchen.  She is the hardest girl to make breakfast for!  She is just not hungry in the mornings and didn’t eat hardly anything even though I made blueberry muffins per her request and made her a bowl of cereal.  Any ideas?


Once she was done, together we walked to Hillary’s room to wake her up for the day and get her dressed. Since I had fed her around 6:00, I normally give her a little breakfast snack on the way to the sitter (Belvita Bars and this cookie are her favorites right now!).


I always pack bags and lunches the night before, so once everyone was dressed we headed out the door! I have to bring Mer to school this week since my parents are currently cruising the Caribbean for 7 days!  My parents normally bringing her to school and pick her up for us so I am the taxi cab driver this week!  On the way, I stopped for gas $30.00.  After kissing Mer goodbye, Hillary and I were off to the babysitter where I dropped her off and headed to work.

When I get to work is when I get my coffee and eat breakfast. Breakfast this morning was Light N Fit vanilla yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and granola.


AFTERNOON – My stomach started growling a little after noon so off to the break room I went to grab me some Cane’s Chicken Fingers! My work ordered lunch in so that was a nice treat.  So bad but yet so good!!!  And I was told they are buying lunch the rest of the week!  SCORE:)


After lunch, my co-worker and I headed shopping. I have been on the lookout for a cute red shirt to go with this pair of Stitchfix shorts I got last summer.  I have tried multiple places and no luck!  And had no luck today.  However, I did score this cute shirt from Stage for $12.99 so not a totally wasted trip I guess:) And when I got back to work I scoured Amazon and found this cute red shirt with good reviews for $12.56 so I snagged it and will have it by Friday!!!!!


Once I left work, I hightailed it to meet Meredith’s teacher who was bringing her into town to meet me.  We went and picked up Hillary from the sitter and went and grabbed snowballs since I promised Meredith one yesterday!  SO GOOD:)  We both got pina colada, Hillary loved it too! (Excuse me for looking a hot mess!)

After snowballs, I dropped Meredith off at church for kid’s night and me and Hillary headed home!  I had to head back to church at 6:45 to pick Mer up but Brad picked up pizza on the way home and we chowed down once Mer and I got back in.

We all hung out together, did baths/bedtime routine, and all sacked out pretty early!  I was exhausted from not getting much sleep the night before!

Question:  What do you feed your kids for quick, easy, healthy breakfasts?


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