When enjoying them is enough…

I wanted to start this blog mainly to look back one day and not forget the little details.  I wanted to take more pictures, go on more adventures, and spend more quality time together.  Would I forget when my kids are old enough to drive and not want to hang on me every second what it was like to be a human taxi driver shuttling them from one place to another?  Would I forget how going to the park was the BEST THING EVER when all my kids want to do is hang in their rooms alone?  Would I forget how sleeping like a pretzel in the bed with them made for a horrible nights sleep when they no longer want to cuddle with their mama?


I try to do all that I can to enjoy them in the now.  While that is easier said than done in the chaos of life when it feels like 100 mini-daggers in your heart when you think of putting them in the car to go to the grocery store (I may flirt with the idea of mac n cheese or frozen pizza for dinner AGAIN just not to go) I still take them around with me.  Why?  Because one day they may not want to go with me.

(Can it be Taco Thursday?)

One day a trip to Target by myself will feel like the norm instead of a vacation.  One day lying by the pool reading a book will be the norm instead of that sick feeling that someone has had to drown for it to be this quiet.  One day making dinner for me and Brad while I sip my glass of wine will be the norm instead of that 6:00 “witching hour” of stuffing yet another not near nutritious enough meal into the oven.

(Park Dates are the Best)

So I try my best to have a blast at the park, bring them to the store with me, read books for the 100th time, go to the zoo, go to dinner with them, listen about their day even if it involved what behavior color they were on, and be genuinely interested in their day while also trying to carve some “me and Brad” time in there as well.  Because one day my days won’t consist of whether they had a poo diaper or not.  It will be phone calls from wherever they are at the moment.  All in all, I won’t be their best friend anymore.


I will be inundated with “big girl” problems.  Mean friends, college acceptances and applications, drivers licenses, boyfriends, and everything else that comprises older girls.  And I will hopefully enjoy that time of their life as well knowing I did all that I could to enjoy this time with them while they are little.

This weekend consisted of Mexican food (Don Juan’s had the best shrimp and spinach quesadilla I have probably ever had) and playing at the park Thursday evening, some quiet BBQing at home Friday evening,  a visit to the zoo with Meredith’s BFF and crawfish at my in-laws Saturday,  and relaxing on Sunday along with some little BBW lunch with my in-laws.  A wonderful way to spend the weekend (even though there was probably more rice on the floor than in Hillary’s stomach.  I tipped extra though!)


(My Don’s Juan’s Quesadilla)

This week is a short week because we are headed to the BEACH on Friday!!!  We can’t wait to spend some quality family time together with some good friends this Easter weekend:)


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