Field Trip Fun (And More Beach Packing)…

Hope everyone is having a great week!  It is a short work week for me which is making me feel a little off in a good way!

We will be off to the beach in a couple of days for Easter weekend with some friends!  And for those of you with young kids, you know the planning that is involved!  I always try to start ahead of time and as of now I have Meredith’s clothes totally packed as well as all of the food we are bringing with us and put all the Easter basket things and the boppy seat in the car already.  I have rented a pack n play and umbrella stroller that will be delivered to our condo so that will help with not having to pack that all up.

The only thing left is packing Hillary’s clothes (doing that tonight), picking Sadie up today from the groomer so she’s nice and fresh to stay at my parent’s house, and getting our nails done tomorrow with Mer!!  I love how I pamper myself before vacation (I normally do my nails myself, tweeze my own eyebrows, and all that jazz).   But before going on vacation, I get my nails done, get waxed, spray tanned if it’s the wintertime, etc.  It’s such a treat!

Anyway, Mer had a blast today at her field trip to the Strawberry Patch!  My mom was thankfully able to take her since I will be taking off work 1/2 day tomorrow to go to her Easter party and then off for the beach.  They had a blast and ended the day with some Easter egg dying (excuse the shirtlessness)!

She is off to church tonight so she will get home a little later than usual, so it’ll just be Brad, Hillary, and I for a while and dinner will be something easy since we are trying to eat everything we can before we leave so it doesn’t go bad.  Makes for a cheap grocery week!

Hope you all have had a great week so far and I’ll pop in to share pics from the Easter party!

Question:  What are your Easter traditions?  What are you putting in your kiddos Easter baskets?

xoxo  Brittany


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