April Recap

Good afternoon everyone!  Where do I even begin?  April was a whirlwind month and I am ready to move onto May!  Last night, my sister and parents went to my nephew’s t-ball game.  They nicely took Mer along so I offered to keep my 2 year old niece at my house so they could enjoy the game in peace.  She was so good and sweet, it reminded me of the 2 year stage with Mer and what I have to look forward to with Hill!  (I think 2 year olds sometimes get a bad rap!!) FYI: Popsicles are yummy!


As a recurring post, I want to recap my month!  I feel this will help keep me accountable to my budget and if I went over I will hopefully have good reasons!  I budget using YNAB and I can’t say enough good things!  It has practically turned my financial life around:)  So here we go…

Monthly Obligations:

Mortgage: $890.20

Daycare: $510.00 (usually is $600.00 but we went on vacation, had a dr apt, etc. so I only have to pay for the days she goes.)

Electricity: $87.90

Gas for Cars: $168.57

Food:  $1,025.02  (Ouch.  I lump restaurants and grocery together into food.  The rule is if you eat it, it’s food.  This includes however kind of restocking our fridge after it broke and all vacation spending.)

Household: $93.76  (I didn’t go over but I did splurge this month and get the Wool Dryer Balls from Young Living.  It was a special and it came with a small bottle of Lavender and a big bottle of Lemongrass.)

Personal Care:  $106.19  (Eyebrow wax, pedicures/manicures, and bikini wax added up)

Baby Line:  $120.62 (Hill is still on a toddler formula due to food allergies.  This also includes diapers and wipes).

Tithe: $740.00

Cell Phones: $208.04

Charity Other $50.00  (Graduation gift)

Directv – $102.41

Internet: $64.99

Investments: $500.00 (Brad and I both have an IRA outside of our work 401K’s and also a college account for each girl)

Sinking Funds Spending (I always round up to save the difference!)

Medical: $38.49  (Band Aids, bill for allergy test blood work for Hill, Brad’s blood pressure prescription, Hill’s Zyrtec)

Pet Care: $60 (Sadie’s groom)

Car Maint: $35.00 (Brad’s Drivers License Renewal.  I honestly didn’t know where else to put that so I stuck it in here)

Home Maint:  $455.00 (Quarterly Pest Control and fixing our refrigerator)

Vacation:  $446.08  (Beach vacation expenses)

Home Improvements: $130.00 (Brad got his weed eater fixed, I got a frame for in the foyer area, and also got some pictures developed for the house.)

Brad Clothing:  $20.00 (Bathing suit for the beach)

Brittany Clothing : $90.00  (Work shirt for me, a red shirt off Amazon to wear with a specific pair of shorts when we went to the zoo, a pair of slip on shoes, and a dress.  I love clothes, what can I say?!?!)

Mer Clothing:  $30.00 (Shorts and a shirt for the zoo.  Sad story though is we had to throw the shorts away when we got back because no amount of washing could get rid of the wretched mud that literally was caked on them from her falling into a mud puddle!  Ugh)

Hill Clothing:  $10.00 (A pair of sandals)

Gifts:  $30.00 (Grad card for Brad’s cousin, a gift bag for my mom, end of year present for Mer’s teacher)

Holidays/Special:  $10.83 (Easter Egg Dye Kit)

Mer’s School Expense:  $29.90 (Field trip and lunch money)

Summer Camp: $190.00 (Paid for a gymnastics summer camp for Mer)

Entertainment:  $20.00 (Zoo spending)

Subscriptions: $12.95 (YNAB and ABC Mouse)

Cleaning Lady:  $150.00

Brad Blow:  $80.00

Brittany Blow:  $50.00

Side by Side Noe:  $277.92

Altima Note:  $653.16  (The note is not this much; this is what I am currently snowballing to pay it off quicker)

Tuck Note:  $700.00  (The note is not this much; Brad gets a truck allowance so we put the whole amount to his truck to pay it off quicker)


Have a great weekend!

xoxo Brittany


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