When Life Gets Busy!

It’s been a while!  I have been in a funk lately (will hopefully have more to come soon about that after an appointment next week).  Some days I just feel like my days are so mediocre I don’t have much to say?  I’m sure everyone feels that way but I am back to update!

Summer is almost over!  It has been busy, fun, productive, and hot!  South Louisiana doesn’t kid about the heat I am telling you.  I turned 30 (what?), Hillary started a new daycare, Mer has been doing some fun camps, and work has been busy!

So… just coming for accountability!  My goals for August are:

FUN – Throw Mer a great 6th birthday party!!  She wants tacos and cheese dip so we are doing a fiesta type theme!  I love my girl:)

SPIRITUAL – Start waking up earlier.  My days get started on a bad foot because I can’t get out of bed when my alarm clock goes off!  Working on that.  With my new time, I want to have quiet time with my Bible.

PROFESSIONAL – Do more CPE to expand my tax knowledge for the whirlwind of tax season.

FAMILY – Take Mer and Hillary on dates alone and have an alone date with just Brad.

PERSONAL – Start my Beachbody experience!  Hoping that the mix of clean eating and exercise will jumpstart my goal of taking care of myself more!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer!




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